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Altera Completed Distribution Facility for O’Neal Steel Corp.


Strategic partner, Altera recently completed a 215,000 sf Build to Suit Office and Distribution Facility for O’Neal Corporation, the nation’s largest privately owned metal service provider, in Grand Prairie, Texas. A unique 200,000 square foot of warehouse was designed for six 15 ton cranes to transfer steel across the building’s 770ft length. Each of the 3 bays has 2 cranes that cover 100% of the building. The building floor is elevated 5 feet above grade; with 2 truck drive lanes running through the building on grade.

Overhead Crane and distribution facility

This design has the truck’s trailer level with the building floor making for easy loading and unloading of steel. The 15,000-square foot office is a mix of large open floor and suites, with amenities including showers and lockers, a large dining area, and a patio. Altera’s close coordination with O’Neal Steel allowed them to be moved in, shipping orders, and producing income within 10 days of receiving occupancy of the facility.