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About Us

eds-America, is a fully integrated commercial real estate consulting and development firm located in Hoover, Alabama. Moreover, we are retail development consultants specializing in developing properties in select markets in the U.S., with integrity.  Our primary focus is to serve investors, property owners, users and tenants.

We offer a complete suite of services including development, brokerage services, site selection, incentives negotiation, marketing, and property management.  also, eds-America provides unparallel service for a long list of high-profile projects across the United States. We have decades of experience in commercial real estate consulting and development and the expertise to complete each project on time and under budget.

Seems like with the increasing pressures of today’s modern customer, we recognize the daily demands project partners face. We integrate ourselves with our project partners and equip them with the finest support system.  We set all  clients up for the highest level of success.

Fully Integrated Commercial Real Estate Consulting And Development Firm In Birmingham Alabama

So, eds-America has an intimate, first-hand knowledge of the challenges that are unique to the commercial real estate sector.  Furthermore, each challenge is unique and requires special attention in order to overcome potential hiccups during construction.

Above all, eds-America works collaboratively with the entire project team, while at the same time enhancing long-term brand awareness. Most noteworthy, eds-America is able to realize your vision and set you apart from the competition.